Outrun: Anchor Boost


  • 35 high DA links that utilize custom anchor text to help with your site’s anchor ratio needs.
  • Mix of DF / NF links
  • Customized to your preferred anchor text ‘template’ (brand heavy, generic/naked URL variation heavy, or keyword heavy).

How to Use: The Outrun Anchor Boost sends a barrage of anchor text to your site according to your ‘anchor type’ needed. This should be strategically used to:

1) help your site rank for it’s Brand (one of the first things you should ensure in any SEO campaign) via heavy Brand anchor type selection.

2) help dilute over-optimized anchor text with a mix of generic as well as naked URL variation anchor (such as: ‘click here’ ‘visit site’ ‘website’ ‘www.example.com’ ‘www.example.com/’ ‘example.com’ etc).

We also provide the option for keyword heavy anchor (longtails, LSIs, market level, mix of niche + popular search terms i.e. – ‘plumbing company’), however we recommend using the SEO Wrapper for this reason above the anchor boost as it utilizes custom anchor PLUS keyword interlinking and dofollow leveraged power connection for the ultimate one-stop-shop to be able to send powered up links with KW relevance.

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